Delia Gonzalez and Gavin Russom have been working collaboratively in a variety of media for the past seven years. Their installations approach the ecstatic atmosphere present in both initiation and celebration, mirroring the function of these rituals as simultaneous expressions of creative and destructive energy. A repetitive element is present both visually in meticulously sequined totems and modular formica block sculptures, as well as in the sound produced by their electronic music synthesizers, provoking a state of trance. A minimalist aesthetic is used for its ability to generate an abstraction of reality within which many points of reference can interact. The work derives inspiration from such seemingly disparate sources as Greek tragedy, fascist architecture, Latin American mythology, 70's horror films, and disco culture and it is particularly focused on historical moments of decadence and extremes.


I Feel Love, Galleria Fonti, Naples, Italy

Evolution is Extinct, Daniel Reich, NYC

Dream Machine, Daniel Reich, NYC



When Interwoven Echoes Drip Into a Hybrid Body, curated by Heike Munder, Migros Musem fur Gegenwartskunst, Zurich, Switzerland

My Way, The Road Less Travelled, curated by Heidi Fitchner and Phillippe Jousse, Jousse Entreprise, Paris, France

In Practice Projects 2005, curated by Anthony Huberman, The Sculpture Center, Queens, NY

The S-Files, curated by Deborah Cullen and Miki Garcia, Museo Del Barrio, NYC

No Ordinary Sanctity, curated by Shamim Momin in conjunction with Galerie Thaddeus Ropac, Kunstraum Deutsche Bank, Salzburg, Austria

Tapestry from an Asteroid, curated by David Kordansky, Golinko/Kordansky Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Is One thing Better Than Another Thing?, curated by Aurel Scheibler, Galerie Aurel Scheibler, Koln, Germany

Cakewalk, curated by Jen Denike, Ambrosino Gallery, Miami, FL

Open Space 2, curated by James Fuentes, Gavin Brown's Enterprise at Passerby, NYC

Domestic Porn, curated by Monika Szczukoska, Foksal Gallery Foundation, =Warsaw, Poland

Socle Du Monde Bienneal, curated by Jacob Fabricius, Herning Kunstmuseum, Herning, Denmark

My People Were Fair..., curated by Bob Nickas, Team Gallery, NYC

The Birdman Returns, curated by Daniel Reich, D'amelio Terras, NYC

Brewster 2003, curated by Linda Park, Brewster, New York

Karaoke Death Machine, curated by Daniel Reich, Daniel Reich Gallery, NYC

Camp Cult, curated by Scott Hug, Scope Art Fair, Dylan Hotel, NYC

Legende Kurzfilmabend, curated by Antje Majewski and Anke Kempes, Filmhaus Kino Koln, Koln, Germany, and Kino Arsenal, Berlin Germany

"Day of Blood", "By a Waterfall", "Ecstatic Elemental, Electroacoustic", Robert Beck Memorial Cinema, NYC

"Initiatic Journey Through the Vibrational System of the Planetary Mind", "By a Waterfall", New York Underground Film Festival, Anthology Film Archives, NYC

The Bathroom Show, Daniel Reich, New York, NY

"Come On", Peacock Hill, Fleischman's, NY

"Ecstatic, Elemental, Electroacoustic", Daniel Reich, NYC

Circus! Circus!, curated by Stig Sjolund, Barbacka Konsthall, Sweden

Circus! Circus!, curated by Stig Sjolund, Nortallje Konsthall, Sweden

Too Wide Enough, curated by Annette Schindler, Swiss Institute, NYC


"Inventeurs D'instruments, Instrumentalistes Inventifs, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris France

"Casual Friday", Hamburger Kunstverein, Hamburg, Germany

"Casual Friday", presented by Hiromi Yoshi, Super Deluxe, Tokyo, Japan

"Let Us Break it Down for You", Kunsthalle Zurich, Switzerland

"Crystal Swans", "Two For the Road", "Come on", Eurotard Live Tour '04, Public, Paris, France

"Crystal Swans", "Two For the Road", "Come on (Key West Version)", Eurotard Live Tour '04, presented by the Kunsthalle Basel, Cargo Bar, Basel, Switzerland

"Crystal Swans", "Two For the Road", "Come On (Equestrian Version)", Eurotard Live Tour '04, Galerie Aurel Scheibler, Cologne, Germany

"Crystal Swans", "Two For the Road", Eurotard Live Tour '04, 2YK Galley Kunstfabrik, Berlin, Germany

"Crystal Swans", "Two For the Road", "Come On", Eurotard Live Tour '04, Foksal Gallery Foundation, Warsaw, Poland

"Crystal Swans", RE:ACT, Participant Inc., New York, NY

"Two for the Road", Gavin Brown's Enterprise, NYC

"Les Vampires Nues", Laborotoire D'Aubervilliers, Paris, France

"Mythological Counseling", Christie's, NYC

"M.I.M.E. History Part One", Gavin Brown's Enterprise

"Mythological Counseling", Whitney Museum of American Art, NYC

"New York Society for Attachment and Fondness", Gavin Brown's Enterprise, NYC

"FancyPantz", Gramercy International Art Fair, NYC